Representation that makes you feel seen, heard, and respected.

Lyndsay Markley Law is a premier law firm in Chicago, Illinois that is dedicated to representing the rights of victims in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our firm is dedicated to the recovery, respect, and humanization of injured people.

Our firm is not afraid to take on complex cases or big opposition. In the span of four short years, our commitment to our clients has resulted in tens of millions of dollars for them in a variety of different practice areas.

Lyndsay Markley Law offers great results and a straightforward, communicative approach that lifts the veil on litigation for our clients. In fact, many of our clients feel like they are a member of the Lyndsay Markley Law family.

With a fighting mentality and proven results, Lyndsay Markley Law is a firm you can lean on. To learn more about our team, watch our video.


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