What is premises liability?

Premises liability holds property owners and residents legally responsible for accidents and injuries that occur while on their property.

Negligence of landlords and property owners can result in serious personal injuries. If you are injured at someone’s home or business through no fault of your own, you may have a claim to recover for your injuries.

Injuries on a premises that can lead to a premises liability claim including but are not limited to:

  • Shootings, sexual assault, or death as a result of a location with insufficient security measures
  • Slip and falls due to maintenance, neglect, or poorly placed items
  • Electrocution or burns due to insufficient safety measures in installation or maintenance
  • Animal attacks
  • Exposure to dangerous/poisonous chemicals such as cleaning or yard products
  • Drownings in a swimming pool that is not adequately fenced

In these circumstances and many others, an owner, landlord, tenant, or other authorized manager of a property could be held liable for injuries that take place at a location under their supervision.



If you or someone you know was injured during their use or presence on a premises, contact Lyndsay Markley Law to discuss your options.